[what we do]

We develop applications to simplify and optimize business processes.
We deliver value by making processes more easily, agile and less error prone.

Integrações de Sistemas
Systems Integration
Desenvolvimento de Aplicações
Software Development
Automatização de Processos
Process Automation
Gestão de Infraestrutura e Serviços
Infrastructure and Service Management

[who we are]

We work since 2002 with software development and we invest 
in long-term partnerships with our customers.
We believe that the continued evolution of applications is key to growth in the digital market.

João Pedro Barbosa
João Pedro Barbosa

Since 1997 directly involved in web projects, worked at MidiaWeb in Curitiba and AgênciaClick in Sao Paulo. Has extensive experience in design, development and coordination.

Darcio Vilela
Darcio Vilela

Degree in Marketing from ESPM, has worked at TV1.com, AgênciaClick, AG2 and Accenture. Works since 1999 with planning and online project management using agile methodologies.

Carlos Rodrigues
Carlos Rodrigues

Graduated in Systems Analysis, he began programming in 2002. He is enthusiastic about new technologies and knows how to extract performance and quality from the applications and teams in which he works.

Ricardo Pivetta
Ricardo Pivetta

Degree in Industrial Design from Federal University of Santa Maria. Works with graphic design and internet for over 10 years and has served as art director for renowned advertising agencies and internet.

Email marketing builder for large ecommerces. Easy, fast and error free.
InterMail automates marketing emails, eliminating the repetitive and manual part of design and HTML.
Used by Brazilian ecommerce leaders
Casas Bahia
Ponto Frio



[join us]

Here is the place to make great code
and learn new things.

Workstations with macOS for development

Linux Ubuntu for production servers

Google G Suite for email and documents

Dropbox for file storage

Amazon Web Services and Heroku for hosting

Sendgrid for sending e-mails

MediaWiki for internal documentation

Jira for tasks control

JavaScript with Node.js, React and Angular

PHP and Laravel with PHPUnit and Codeception for testing

Deploy with Forge and Envoyer

Ruby on Rails with Rspec for tests

GitHub for version control

Papertrail and Sentry for monitoring

Codeclimate and Codeship for continuous integration

CSS with SASS and Bootstrap